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Travel & Hospitality Software Solutions

Chetu的软件开发专家专门为不断变化的旅行需求定制软件解决方案 & hospitality industry.

Travel Portal & Booking Engine Software

Chetu的低成本软件开发人员在旅游行业有着丰富的经验, specializing in GDS integrations, price engine programming, Central Reservation System (CRS) development, and so much more.

Travel Portal Development

E世博登入网址的专业旅游门户开发人员创建了带有代理和代理级访问的在线旅游门户, central booking management dashboards, travel content mapping, commissions management, search & filtering functions, and more.

GDS API Integration

E世博登入网址设计了与流行的全球分销系统(GDS) api(包括Sabre)无缝集成的架构, Amadeus, 以及Travelport,使其能够可靠地接入和分销各种在线销售渠道.

Booking & Reservation Systems

E世博登入网址为直接旅行预订开发在线预订引擎和中央预订系统(CRS), passenger tracking, confirmation/cancellations, and more, seamlessly integrated with GDSs, OBTs, extranets, and open distribution channels.

Restaurant & Bar Management (F&B) Software

Chetu’s expert developers built interoperable, scalable, 和可定制的餐厅管理软件系统,完全装载自定义功能,以帮助餐厅运营平稳运行,同时优化其投资回报率.

Restaurant Online Ordering

We design and implement an online ordering module, integrated with a POS system and customized to fit business needs, 这为顾客提供了无缝的数字化订餐体验和无与伦比的便利.

Restaurant Inventory Management

Our custom restaurant inventory management modules are programmed to view, control, and manage the entire stock of food & 饮料库存,设计有编辑功能,允许用户实时更改.

Restaurant POS Solutions


Casino Management Software

Chetu can build a completely scalable, encrypted, 以及安全的管理工具套件,为所有赌场操作,从管理老虎机和活动表,到后台监控和关键玩家目标.

Casino Management Systems

E世博登入网址开发全套的赌场管理软件解决方案,以有效监管 & compliance reporting, accounting, and audits, along with Title 31 monitoring.

Casino POS Integrations

We integrate third-party payment processors, like First Data, TSYS, Elavon, WorldPay, and more with intuitive live game interfaces & back-office systems.

Casino Player Tracking

We integrate player tracking systems with casino surveillance systems, enabling casino managers to keep track of every player on the floor in real-time.

Casino Cage Management

E世博登入网址编制了笼子管理软件,与库存管理模块集成,以准确处理现金, chips, checks, markers, TITO tickets, and more.

Property Management System (PMS) Software

E世博登入网址设计基于云的物业管理系统,为酒店行业内所有类型的物业提供响应平台, 加上功能,处理顺畅的操作流程前台管理, reservations, housekeeping, and more.

Property Management Software

Our experts develop PMS solutions for hotels, vacation rentals, and other property types, integrated with third-party GDS, OTAs, 和POS系统,创建一个一体化的集中解决方案,节省业主和管理者的时间和金钱.

Front & Back Office Modules

E世博登入网址开发了独特的前台模块来处理自动化的客人入住/退房, room key coding, wake-up calls, room service, etc., and back-office modules for accounts payable/receivable, tax preparation, billing/invoicing, and more.

Maintenance, Housekeeping, & Employee Management

E世博登入网址构建了基于云的PMS系统的特许经营物业管理软件,以实现对物业的全面监督和跨地点的一致性, managing maintenance requests, housekeeping schedules, and employee workflows.

Vacation Rental & Timeshare Management Software

Chetu builds all-in-one solutions for vacation rental & timeshare property managers, 通过定制度假租赁简化所有的物业管理操作 & timeshare management software.

Vacation Rental Management

E世博登入网址开发的度假租赁管理软件集成了一个自动化的中央预订系统和一套强大的功能, including booking & scheduling modules, reservations & availability calendars, housekeeping schedules, and more.

Rental Channel Manager

E世博登入网址可以将您的度假租赁业务网站和预订引擎添加到大型OTA的网站上 & GDSs, like Expedia, Kayak, Priceline, Travelport, Sabre, Pegasus, etc.,并让你的预订流向一个定制的度假租赁渠道经理.

Airbnb Integration Services

We offer Airbnb integration solutions, adding access to Airbnb’s booking & billing systems, and developing lodging features for smart pricing, smart lock issuance of virtual key remote controls, activity & visitor logs, guest communication channels, and more.

Timeshare Management

E世博登入网址为所有类型的出租物业构建分时共享软件,包括私人住宅俱乐部(中国), destination clubs, and fractional properties where property owners can reserve rooms online, access calendars, housekeeping schedules, and more.

Amusement Parks & Attractions Software

Chetu offers customized amusement park & 景点管理软件解决方案建立了定制的模块,从预防性公园维护和维修到票务和游客管理.

Amusement Park Ticketing Software

We develop multichannel ticketing platforms for online, kiosk, mobile, e-mail delivery, and on-site ticketing with support for individual/group packages, custom ticket types, add-ons, memberships, loyalty programs, discounts, and more.

Amusement Park POS Systems

We create and implement a centralized POS system for amusement park ticketing, rides, games, retail, food & beverages, and more, designed to support various payment types including credit, debit, EMV, gift cards, and mobile payments.

Attractions Admissions Control Systems

E世博登入网址的专家建立了手持和固定扫描设备的入场控制系统,以支持RFID腕带和卡片, barcode & 二维码扫描、生物识别验证、手机票证验证等入境方式.

Campgrounds, Parks, & Recreation Management Software

Chetu engineers custom campground management systems and parks & recreation management software designed for parks, seasonal camps, recreation centers, RV parks, sports leagues, and more to streamline camp management operations.

Campground Management Systems

E世博登入网址设计定制的营地软件,带有先进的预订引擎,可以在线预订活动和各种设施的地点, including parks, campsites, recreation centers, sports leagues, RV camps, and more.

Parks & Recreation Management Software

E世博登入网址开发娱乐和活动管理软件,具有定制的后端接口,无缝更新活动日程, landscaping services,, park maintenance, park equipment repairs, vendor scheduling, and more.

Campsite Booking Engine Software

E世博登入网址将露营地预订管理软件与互联网预订引擎(IBE)集成在一起,以即时更新和跟踪入住和退房, calculate dynamic dark reservation pricing options, and track revenue.

Travelport API Integration Solutions

Chetu的开发人员确保Travelport的技术可以毫不费力地与您的业务专用软件连接, 将领先的旅游供应商与线上和线下的旅游买家聚集在一起,通过他们的B2B旅游平台促进旅游商务.

Travelport API Integration

E世博登入网址的专业开发人员提供自定义集成与Travelport解决方案,包括Travelport通用API, Travelport Universal Profile, Travelport Universal Policy, Travelport Universal Record, Travelport Galileo, Travelport Apollo, and more.

Travelport Configuration

E世博登入网址根据您的具体需求配置和定制Travelport解决方案和平台, programming custom workflows, integrating data, and extending platform capabilities for branding, merchandising, and content distribution.

Travelport System Upgrades

Any necessary Travelport upgrades of the Universal API, mobile, branding, digital media, ancillary, E世博登入网址的专家开发团队提供聚合购物解决方案,帮助您在竞争中保持领先地位.

自定义Sabre发展 & Integration Solutions

Chetu’s development team is highly skilled in creating custom B2B & B2C travel apps and Sabre GDS solutions for travel agencies, OTAs, travel corporations, and other travel service providers.

Sabre Software Solutions

E世博登入网址通过高级功能实现提供定制的Sabre软件解决方案, API integration, and expert-level GDS development services to increase efficiency, minimize spending, and enhance customer experiences.

Sabre Mobile Solutions


Sabre Data Solutions

Our custom Sabre Data Solutions deliver more personalized travel experiences, drive digital technology innovations, 并通过在整个企业中释放受控的竖井数据和商业智能(BI)的价值来提高业务成功.


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