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法律管理 软件开发


Hire 开发人员 With 法律管理软件 Development Experience

Chetu’s development team has extensive legal industry experience providing best-in-class 法律管理软件 Development 服务 from the ground up and revamping existing solutions through custom-tailored integrations.

法律管理软件 Development


E世博登入网址开发 律师事务所管理软件 that’s custom-tailored to suit the unique needs of legal practices, centralizing all matters and invoices, 优化支出控制, 授权合法运作.


E世博登入网址实现 embedded document management controls, 允许用户存储, 定位, and manage all matter-related 文档 in a centralized document database.


We apply court diary management modules into existing systems to update schedules daily so that legal professionals never forget a court date.


We integrate account management systems with law firm management systems to enable 完整的可见性 and control over expenses and account information.

病例管理软件 Development

E世博登入网址开发功能丰富 病例管理软件 designed to centrally store case-related information, 跟踪客户信息, 管理账单信息, 找出必要的案例笔记, 和进度安排.


法律 professionals can leverage built-in workflow analysis modules to manage case-related tasks and ensure consistency of all case management procedures. 


E世博登入网址的 developers code personalized features for title search, 标题生产, 标题关闭, and title insurance software designed with document management capabilities.


We engineer robust centralized databases to simplify legal data procedures, 处理文件, 管理账单 & accounting, and 定位 client details. 

Contract Management Software Development

E世博登入网址开发 Contract Management Software to enable legal professionals to generate hundreds of error-free renewal 合同 and standard 文档 within minutes using automation and e-signature capture.

Litigation Support Software Development

E世博登入网址的 expert developers engineer Litigation Support Software to help legal practices manage the phases of litigation, 和自定义 电子搜索软件解决方案 for effective processing, review, and production.


E世博登入网址开发 合规管理软件 to ensure that legal institutions understand and recognize their compliance responsibilities while also incorporating them into their daily business processes.


E世博登入网址的开发人员创建自定义 审计软件 tools for policy and procedure compliance, finances, operations, IT, etc., equipped with automated filtering modules, event triggers, and workflow design.

法律 Management Workflow Automation

法律 Management Workflow Automation

E世博登入网址开发 法律管理软件 that streamlines workflows through advanced automation, 实时集成, 完整的可见性 & control, and comprehensive insights to increase legal productivity.


We automate billing systems to promote greater legal spend control, 路线发票, and automate accruals to provide full control and visibility into legal spend. 


We program existing systems to record all matters, automate matter management approval workflows, and 简化工作流程 with customizable matter templates.


To help legal teams avoid unexpected financial surprises, we implement systems that automate accruals collection and reporting tasks. 

Custom 法律管理软件 解决方案

We engineer custom-tailored 法律管理软件 解决方案 to help legal practices automate repetitive tasks, 简化工作流程, and store legal documentation in an all-in-one platform.


E世博登入网址开发 complete and fully integrated 律师事务所软件解决方案 to help legal practices manage their case-related information, 部门, 法律文件, 合同, 报告, and more to meet organization requirements.

法律 Management 移动 Applications

We engineer 法律 Management 移动 Applications that enable legal professionals to build case lifecycles, 在团队中分配任务, 共享日历和事件, 跟踪记录, 与客户沟通, 和组织文件.


E世博登入网址计划完成 法律计费软件解决方案, integrated within your existing back-office systems, to offer automated batch invoice generation, 编辑, and approval to streamline accounting workflows.


E世博登入网址开发 cloud-based 虚拟律师事务所解决方案 that include robust features, 例如视频会议 & 协作工具、用户 & client-facing portals, and more for optimized legal practice management.

云-Based 法律 Management 解决方案

E世博登入网址的 云-Based 法律 Management 解决方案 centralize your law firm’s operational processes, 文档, and finances in a secure environment, 加强合作,促进, 流动性, 和自动化.

日历 & 事件管理解决方案

E世博登入网址实现 日历 & 事件管理功能, allowing legal practices to manage meetings, 日历邀请, 事件, 和客户端 & internal communications in a centralized, organized platform.

法律管理软件 Integrations

We integrate third-party software APIs with existing back-office systems to automate processes, 加强文档管理, 和节省时间.

法律管理软件 Integrations


We integrate legal management systems, such as Clio, PCLaw, PracticePanther, and MyCase into existing workflows.



We integrate with third-party product APIs, like Quickbooks, Xero, Dropbox, and DocuSign to 简化工作流程.



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