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Hire Experienced 云 App 开发人员

Chetu’s low-cost developers-for-hire have a wealth of knowledge, 经验, and unprecedented expertise in developing custom cloud applications from scratch, as well as revamping existing cloud apps to fit unique business needs.


We develop cloud-native apps with domain-driven designs using powerful DevOps tools, including Node.js, 芬兰湾的科特林, Kubernetes, 码头工人, Gitlab CI / CD, 和许多其他人, enabling automated management 经验s a交叉 the public, 私人, 和混合云.


We create custom-tailored hybrid cloud apps for businesses that require an all-in-one solution that offers the same flexibility & openness as a public cloud solution while also retaining complete control over large datasets & 关键业务工作流程.


E世博登入网址的 developers apply our expertise in cloud computing to create robust multi-cloud applications, designed for businesses that require the use of several cloud services to promote added flexibility, 性能优化, 和成本控制.

Chetu’s 云 App Development 服务

Chetu helps businesses of all sizes unlock their business workflows’ full potential by offering our unbeatable cloud app development services.


We integrate your current business software solutions with cloud applications to increase your entire IT infrastructure, 促进更多的鲁棒性, 可靠性, 和成本效益.


We implement reliable security protocols, 像SSL / TLS, 端到端加密, 2 f身份验证, 私钥, API凭证, 密码保护, 还有更多.


We develop all-in-one cloud-based data protection, 备份, and recovery solutions housed in proprietary off-site data centers, 主机托管设施, 或者服务器的混合组合.


Chetu seamlessly migrates your databases, 服务器, 业务应用程序, and business processes to a cloud platform that perfectly supports your business, 行业, 和工作流的需求.


We leverage enterprise service buses and service-oriented architectures to streamline data flows and publish your APIs in the cloud to facilitate easy third-party integrations.


We employ app containerization for abstracting operation system kernels so that multiple cloud applications can perform consistently no matter what environment they're deployed to.


We’ll help you effectively manage all components of your IT infrastructure, integrating on-premises infrastructure and third-party microservices for optimized scalability.

云计算支持 & 维护

We assign a dedicated IT support team member to your project or platform, managing & monitoring issue remediation and providing 24/7 assistance on a temporary scale.


We deliver custom-tailored software-as-a-service (SaaS), “基础架构即服务”(IaaS), and platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solutions designed to scale businesses as they grow.


E世博登入网址的 end-to-end encrypted cloud document management solutions incorporate e-filing capabilities that allow companies to go paperless when storing & 检索文件.


Chetu experts build cloud microservice-based architectures by consolidating applications into independent components, 从而提供增强的敏捷性, 性能, 和可扩展性.


We develop user-friendly cloud mobile apps, designed to promote enhanced scalability, 更好的连接 & broadband coverage, unlimited data storage, 还有更多.

Custom Intelligent 云 App 解决方案

Chetu’s engineers custom intelligent cloud app solutions designed for businesses that utilize AI-powered software, 物联网技术, and/or big data storage for their core business processes.


We leverage the power of AI-powered cloud environments to create cloud machine learning platforms, 启动智能聊天机器人, 优化外部数据存储, 还有更多.


We combine the power of IoT and the cloud to create robust, highly functional cloud IoT solutions that support connected applications, 电力工业操作, 和更多的.


We unlock the power of cloud computing to enhance big data storage processing & visualization, adjusting big data volume, velocity, and variety to meet business needs.

Chetu’s 云 App Development 合作伙伴hips

Chetu是一个 认证合作伙伴 与AWS, Azure, 和甲骨文, giving us the highly regarded level of expertise and access to powerhouse cloud application Software Development Toolkit (SDK) resources needed to drive businesses forward.


E世博登入网址将整合 AWS 与您当前的业务系统 to ensure that your cloud application is highly durable, 安全, and available to all appointed members of your organization.

微软Azure云 App Development

Meet high-性能 standards and manage mission-critical business operations with ease by having our team integrate Azure 与您当前的业务系统.


E世博登入网址利用 甲骨文 Integration 云 Service (ICS) platform and several app adapters, 如FTP, 肥皂, JMS, and many more to perform integrations with cloud-based apps.


Drop us a line or give us a ring about 云 解决方案 development. We would love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.


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